Beware of Scams

Admins or team members and mods will never private message anyone first. We will never ask for wallet details, keys, or funds for any reason. There is no BEPRO airdrop, nor free tokens happening on social media. Watch out for fake BEPRO Telegram groups and fake accounts impersonating BEPRO team members or mods.

Support documentation

To help our community and prevent them from falling victim to scams, here’s a collection of documents available below. You can also follow this

Scam Groups: If you are part of our only official telegram accounts & you might sometimes get added to unofficial and scam accounts. If this happens please make sure you report and inform our admins of these actions.

Scam Websites: Always make sure you are using either, or to access the platform. We recommend you bookmark our websites.

Unofficial Groups: We only have ONE official chat group (not including announcements channels) on each platform — Telegram & Discord. We recommend only using the official groups above to contact other community members and official members.

Direct Messages from Admins/Team Scam: if someone DMs you as an admin or team member and tries to gather funds, payments, account details it’s probably a SCAM.

Was Victim of a Scam: If you were a victim of a scam, we recommend contacting the local authorities as well as contacting independent agencies such as cipherblade to try to recover your funds.

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