BEPRO Token Utility — Paid Features, Curation & Bounties

The BEPRO utility token exists in order to coordinate and incentivize the use of the BEPRO Network, and to ensure community and developer adoption. This post will outline its utility and address some of the questions surrounding the nature of the token.

The BEPRO Utility Token

BEPRO is used as a curation mechanism and a settlement & dispute system in the network where users are able to:

  • Make Payments — Use your BEPRO to pay for features/updates on the BEPRO-js Framework and other external frameworks;
  • Curate the Protocol — Use your BEPRO to dispute bounty distributions between developers and “earn rewards” (soon);
  • Propose Distributions (Council) — Use your BEPRO to create bounty distributions within the Network and take a fee for all the distributions accepted by the curators.

Rent and Staking (no APR) features are being developed to create a more inclusive ecosystem for operators to easily fork the protocol and use other tokens as payment and curation methods.All this information can be found in our support documentation as well:

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