BEPRO Network releases NFT Marketplace

We’re proud to announce that we are releasing our NFT Marketplace. This will enable developers and operators to build an NFT Marketplace for NFT Collectibles.

Digital Art is booming and more and more artists are participating. The emergence of NFTs allows artists and creators to finally claim proper ownership of their digital content in a decentralized manner that can also be openly verified by anyone.

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With bepro-js you can easily create NFT collectibles in gaming and esports environments. You can give the opportunity to anyone to acquire digital assets that are unique, rare, and indivisible. By using a blockchain that underpins NFTs you’re giving users ownership, provable scarcity, interoperability, and immutability.

Now with this release, builders using BEPRO Network’s Codebase for NFTs can both create a marketplace for NFTs.

With bepro-js, we give a white-label solution for artists and galleries to create their own online digital showcase, using their own branding.

The marketplace allows for these NFTs to be openly traded on the market. This is a crucial piece of technology allowing teams to monetize and market their NFTs: Digital art, music, books, or other forms of content.

Learn more about our NFT Marketplace on GitHub:

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