BEPRO Network Monthly Report — September 2021

September was a month of achievement for BEPRO Network. After many months of hard work, we were finally able to announce the launch of the Network & Testnet. So far we have seen thousands of users sign up and create accounts, and hundreds of developers on-boarding. Beyond technical advancements on our roadmap, we have also updated our roadmap to align with our vision of being a fully decentralized codebase for Web3. Business development and thought leadership were also important accomplishments during this month.

This is the summary of what we accomplished in the month of September 2021:

Release of the Network & Testnet

The Network is a fully decentralized marketplace and protocol aiming to create a trust-less bridge between Operators and Developers. Connect with builders and other developers and trade your commits, review, and work for rewards in BEPRO, USDC, or other tokens. (read more)

Gathering Testnet Developers

BEPRO Network launches developer initiatives for contributing to the network. 10K BEPRO tokens are granted to developers who sign up to use the network. The initiative helps bootstrap decentralized development and speeds developer adoption of bepro-js. (read more)

Builders’ Spotlight: CryptoZau Uses BEPRO Network’s Digital Art Gallery

CryptoZau, a Portuguese artist and a major talent in contemporary art, is leveraging bepro-js for his digital artwork. CryptoZau chose bepro-js to help develop and launch its Digital Art Gallery and NFT business quickly and efficiently. (read more)

Academy Series #4: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

DAOs may become a game-changer for how knowledge work happens in the future, with some of the best professionals already gravitating to work in and for DAOs. (read more)

BEPRO Network Roadmap

We shared our updated Roadmap, where our Community can keep apace with our latest major development milestones on the BEPRO Network Protocol. (read more)

Academy Series #5: Web 3.0 & the Future of the Internet

30 years ago, when we started to see the first versions of the Web (1.0), the technology was mostly promoted by visionaries of that time, and denied by pessimists that said that the Internet was just a fad. (read more)

Upcoming in October

We would like to thank everyone for their support, and for being with us along this journey. We are completely focused on improving the Network & Testnet towards its Mainnet release, and thrilled for what Q4 2021 will bring.During the month of October, we will also be continuously working on developing grants projects in order to help them progress on their roadmaps.Future Developments can be found in our Public Roadmap Page here:

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