BEPRO Network Monthly Report — November 2021

As part of the BEPRO Network Labs Roadmap, much work has been done to get the protocol ready for mainnet. The month of November marked the most important milestone for BEPRO Network to date, as we released the Code as a Service Protocol in a live environment, premiered at Moonriver. 

In less than one month of mainnet, BEPRO Network Protocol has some interesting metrics worth sharing:

  • +44 Open Issues
  • +6.5M $BEPRO (Payments)
  • +3800 Members
  • +100M $BEPRO Locked

We are continuously working on releasing more academy series posts as a way to educate our community about blockchain and web3 technology. To help onboard developers onto the protocol we have released some video tutorials and automated bounty alerts on Twitter and Discord.

The accomplishments for the month of November were the following:

BEPRO Network Marketplace Protocol Announcement — Welcome to a Code as Service Protocol

The BEPRO Network Protocol is a fully decentralized marketplace and protocol aiming to create a trust-less bridge between Operators and Developers. You can connect with builders and other developers and trade your commits, review, and work for rewards in BEPRO, USDC, or other tokens. (read more)

Testnet Incentives Distributed

BEPRO Network has completed the distribution of 30M BEPRO tokens and a significant amount of MOVR to 3,000 Developers who have successfully onboarded to the protocol. (read more)

Ecosystem Development

BEPRO Network Labs is growing its developer ecosystem and adoption of the protocol by creating incentives to empower its use through grants or direct funding. As part of the growth strategy to enhance protocol usage, we’re presenting our goals in this article. (read more)

BEPRO Network Protocol as a Development DAO

The BEPRO Network Protocol is a place where developers and entrepreneurs can join through a decentralized development framework. The Development DAO, and bepro-js, can be used by enterprises to source development talent globally to build products, develop features, and solve issues. (read more)

Academy Series #8: The Incredible World of Metaverse

Metaverse is probably the most controversial topic we covered so far. There’s no single agreed definition of what it is, while at the same time, everyone in the digital realm has a broad feeling of what it is and what the word represents. (read more)

500M $BEPRO Protocol Rewards for V1

BEPRO Network Labs is launching its Protocol Rewards Program to incentivize and reward early users and BEPRO Holders on the protocol. In order to augment this progress and growth, BEPRO Network Labs is committing 5% of the total $BEPRO Supply to be used for this Protocol Rewards Program for the V1 and V2 of the Protocol. (read more)

Academy Series #9: Using Blockchain for better Traceability in Supply Chains

Traceability is the capability of tracking product information from the origin to the final destination, including details on all the transformative steps. In this Academy Series post, we discuss how blockchains can be used for supply chain traceability. (read more)

How-To Video Tutorials

In order to support our community, we’ve launched a series of video tutorials to help with the usage of the protocol.

What’s on the Roadmap?

A lot of interesting and important things are still in the pipeline as we want to build a strong ecosystem for everyone who wants to develop amazing software. These are some of the developments that we have on the roadmap and that are being finalized:

  • White Label Protocol Operator Infrastructure. (read more)
  • BEPRO-js Metrics page with data as total transacted volume of each operator, total volume locked of each operator, transaction volume/unique address, and much more.
  • V2 BEPRO Protocol — Moonbeam Deployment (read more)

Our continuous improvement will be focused on regular updates to constantly improve UI/UX, utility, and usefulness of the network. You can read more in our Public Roadmap. We update it on a bi-weekly basis (once per two weeks). All development only mentions the Protocol Side of Development.

We would like to thank everyone for their support, and for being with us along this amazing journey. Early adopters, developers, builders, and especially you, are helping us shape what will be the future of a fully decentralized codebase for Web3.

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Carlos Mendes
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