BEPRO Network Monthly Report — July 2021

Our goal at BEPRO.Network is to create an ecosystem of tools and resources for developers and companies that want to build decentralized applications, in a fast and secure way. Throughout the month of July, this is what we accomplished and delivered.

Builders’ Spotlight: dotmoovs to use BEPRO Network’s ERC20 Distribution Contract

dotmoovs has leveraged BEPRO Network’s Codebase for its token distribution smart contract. By using bepro-js, dotmoovs was able to automate its token distribution and vesting mechanisms via a secure and audited smart contracting framework. (read more)

NFT Marketplace Release

With bepro-js we enable developers and operators to build an NFT Marketplace for NFT Collectibles. We also give a white-label solution for artists and galleries to create their own online digital showcase, using their own branding. (read more)

Builders’ Spotlight: RealFevr Using BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory for Official Football Moments NFTs

RealFevr is dropping official football moments NFTs using BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory technology. RealFevr allows fans to collect the most epic moments in football history from some of the greatest players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, Bruno Fernandes, and more. (read more)

Builders’ Spotlight: Clever Advertising Uses BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory Codebase

Clever Advertising, one of the biggest PR and digital marketing agencies in the world of gaming, is using BEPRO Network’s NFT Factory Codebase to build innovative NFT features into their products and services. (read more)

Academy Series #1:

Introducing our new Academy Series of articles where we talk about and explain all the technology we are building at BEPRO Network. And, the first instalment was about NFTs, their use cases, and where they fit into the BEPRO Network Ecosystem. (read more)

Upcoming in August

For the month of August, we will disclose our Open Grants Program and its selected Projects. We’re working hard and completely focused on delivering the testnet, our webapp and the awaited Network to resolve disputes, merges, settlements and propose new bounties at bepro-js.

Thanks to everyone for all the support! We truly appreciate our community’s valuable feedback and we couldn’t be more proud of you as well.

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