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AMA: Answers to the questions received

Some days ago, we gathered questions from our community and audience. We did this to understand the main topics our community cared about and to ensure we answered all the most important issues for everyone.

The turnout was tremendous, and it was great to see the questions and queries coming from our community.

Since we had so many questions, we identified the most common topics and answered them below. We’ll cover 11 different topics and questions.

Check the questions and answers from our AMA:

1) How do you see the evolution of the BEPRO Network Protocol in 1 to 5 years?

In the upcoming year, our primary goal as BEPRO Network Labs is to continue the growth of the BEPRO Network protocol and bepro-js, the SDK. Then launch the second version on the Moonbeam EVM while focusing on true development decentralization.

Our motto is simple: create a place where code is public, accessible, and built for decentralization. We want any developer, entity, and individual to join the protocol and participate in it — whether as a Developer, Operator, Council Member, or Curator.

Any other project will be able to fork the protocol and use it independently in the future, using the White Label System — see our post on White Label Operators for more details.

2) What other market areas do you see BEPRO Network Codebase Protocol being a use case for?

The BEPRO Network Protocol is quite an agnostic ecosystem, so anyone can use it extensively in several different scenarios.

Also, the most notable use cases for bepro-js are Gaming, NFTs, DeFi, and Prediction markets. Still, we’re starting to build with other projects that have other use cases, such as Supply Chain, Enterprise-wide initiatives, Decentralized development for large entities, and so on.

3) What marketing initiatives are you working on to help build awareness of the ecosystem?

BEPRO Network Labs’ vision rests on the fact that we are a technology-based protocol, and we are working on the core level of the industry. Therefore, the suite of products and protocols we are building is targeted at developers.

Our primary awareness strategy is to continue to build what we believe in: technology and sustainable value add — that’s how transactions, total value locked, and actual usage are created.

In the end, projects using the protocol are the best form of growth. They will create fundamental value for the network and real decentralized growth.

Our ecosystem already has a relevant size among the grants program and projects using bepro.js. So we’re growing steadily and in a healthy manner, and we’ll continue to focus on building awareness and beefing up the ecosystem growth.

4) What’s the strategy to acquire developers on the network?

We’ve seen a steady growth of users, and we’re using that early-stage knowledge for the upcoming months.

We’re working with developers worldwide, but we are mainly focused on the European and South Asian markets. We spoke with many developers coming from countries on these continents, looking for freelance work, whether as a full-time job or as a way to earn some extra income.

On top of that, we are planning some direct marketing initiatives through Stack Overflow and Github and organizing hackathons next year.

Finally, we are also in contact with companies and marketplaces with a vast developers network. We’re in conversations with these entities to discuss how we can cooperate and have them use the protocol too.

5) How do you plan to increase the usage of Operators in the protocol and subsequent codebases built with it?

We must be conscious that what we’re trying to build here is unique, decentralized by nature and new: we’re creating an open and decentralized marketplace. So a lot of the work we’re focused on with Ecosystem development (as Bepro Network Labs) is to make sure Operators understand its value and how they can benefit from it.

To achieve our goals, we have three ongoing initiatives and strategies:

  1. Continuous UX improvements — Our biggest goal is to onboard as many companies as possible, and that’s a constant process. We know that it is essential to listen to the users and constantly hear their feedback to improve the web app to use the protocol;
  2. Open Grants — The open grants program is also one of our strategies to onboard projects and teams. We have ongoing monetary grants to support any group to develop their project as long as they use our SDK or our protocol.
  3. White Label Protocol — Our V2 of the protocol will allow companies and projects to create their own Development DAO using their brand and image.

We believe all of these initiatives will bring more and more operators to the protocol and educate them in this new concept.

6) How will the rewards be distributed to the early adopters of the protocol at each phase?

Early adopters and users are critical to the protocol. They are the heart of the protocol, and we are making sure they benefit from learning and helping the future of this decentralized infrastructure.

The rewards will be distributed via the web app through an automated retroactive rewards Smart Contract system that detects user interactions with the Network Smart Contract.

You can find more specific information about the Protocol Rewards on the public Roadmap of Bepro Network Labs!

7) Are there confirmed dates for any Hackathons?

Not yet, but we’re planning for 2022. Until then, we have our grants program open with rolling applications. So any team with a project can apply right away and be eligible for the grant program almost immediately.

8) Will $BEPRO remain the only form of currency used to interact with the BEPRO Network Development DAO?

For now, the protocol as the version 1 is set by default on deploy to only allow $BEPRO to keep incentives inside the Bepro Network Ecosystem. Eventually, as the Network grows, other developers will insert other ERC20s as USDC or USDT for version 2 and other protocol forks. See our post on White Label Operators for more details.

9) When v2 is released, will there be any plans to allow private repositories on the network? Or do companies have to stay with typical freelance websites?

Yes, companies will be able to plug in their repositories and brand their network, and version 2 of the protocol will allow exactly that.

That’s why BEPRO Network Labs has created a white label solution based on its Development DAO.

Enterprises will be able to fork the Development DAO in a white-label manner and have a place to add their repositories and provide bounties for their issue development — all under their brand with other tokens as payments and curation.

In addition, developers who join their network will know that they are working on issues for a specific client, brand, or company, thereby increasing the coherence of workflows.

You can find more information on the public roadmap.

10) Once the DAO has been forked, will BEPRO be the private companies’ token to make bounties and interact with the protocol?

No. That’s one of the main goals of providing a white label fork.

Overall there are a few white labelling benefits projects:

  • Adding Token Utility for their project (Curation or Payments);
  • Brand coherence when near-shoring or off-shoring developer talent;
  • Keep track of issues and development in a more organized manner;
  • More flexibility in customizing the development DAO framework to an enterprise’s own needs;

11) Will it be possible for already established traditional gaming companies to integrate bepro-js into their games?

Yes. Bepro.js is a generalist open-source Javascript SDK to help build blockchain-related capabilities for solidity.

The fact that it’s generalist means we can apply it to virtually anything and allows any developer to build Web3-like applications, including gaming.

Nowadays, Bepro Network Labs has been doing educational work with traditional companies to help them understand that the future is decentralized and that they have to be ready for it.

The bepro network protocol and bepro-js can be an excellent solution for their future problems as a possible layer 2 suite of tools for web3!

Final Message & Summary

I hope we clarified many of the questions most of the community had.

We’re excited about the upcoming months for the protocol, and it’s great to see such engaged community members.

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