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As you may know by now, we are big fans of open innovation and we truly believe that its impact is not limited only to create new solutions, but it can be used as a distinctive, useful tool for other needs, such as recruitment.

Technology companies are facing the scarce of engineers and it is getting harder to hire talented, motivated people that look for a long-term relationship with their employers.

But it is not only in this industry, and HR managers are reinventing themselves every time to create new effective methods of recruitment and retention. Well, TAIKAI is not an exception 😲 –with the recent growth of our community and our challenges, we are looking for bright minds to join our team. And this was the perfect trigger to do something that we were longing to try: use TAIKAI’s innovation platform to recruit. 

One of the greatest challenges when hiring is to find the right people for the job. With few exceptions, you only know if you chose the right person after you hire them and see their hands on the work, and every time you wish you could have seen what that person is capable of before hiring him, you wonder: 

How can I do that effectively? 🤔 

TAIKAI has got your back: you can create a private challenge in the platform and design specific HR challenges that match the requirements you need. 

We strongly believe it is a great method to show how you are an out-of-the-box company and to differentiate your brand among the countless job offers people see every day. And don’t forget that, now that working remotely is being adopted permanently by several companies around the world, you are now competing for talent on a global scale. Additionally, it also brings transparency to the recruitment process – people are not chosen based on their appearance or curriculum, but based on their knowledge, skills and experience. Finally, the icing on the cake 🍰 is that it also only attracts the ones that are really interested in joining your team – if they are not willing to answer to a quick challenge, then they are probably not that motivated. 

TAIKAI was looking for three new members for different job positions, so we created three different private challenges, to which we individually thought about the expected outputs, and we launched them to the community as the second step in our recruitment process. During the first phase, our team analysed 166 applications and selected 37 to move to the following phase – the challenges. Participants had two weeks to develop solutions to the respective challenges and submit them to our platform. 

Each challenge deserved a lot of thought and creativity from our team. We simulated situations in future worlds that were really close to the ones candidates would face if working at TAIKAI. For example, the innovation project manager needed to plan the launch of an Innovation Challenge for the Musk Foundation, in which the objective was to create a means of transportation to allow fast and safe travels between these two planets to allow an individual (earthling or martian) to be able to work from any planet; the frontend software engineer had to create a job board that could connect companies and candidates from both Mars and Earth; and the head of marketing should of a SaaS startup that provided social assessment to remote work candidates, had to design an ambitious plan to increase and acquire a substantial stake on the Social Ranking Providers Market with a low budget.

The criteria to choose the best projects were simple, each presentation should be authentic, original, well planned and well executed. After the jury– composed of some members of our team – voted on the best ones through our platform, participants will  still  have  to  talk  with  the  team  for  an interview. Through TAIKAI’s platform, participants were able to follow the decision process,  earned KAI  to  exchange for  merchandise, and had a   unique opportunity to show what they worth – not what their curriculum says about them. 

On TAIKAI’s end, the process was simpler, faster and the candidate funnel has now better quality.  👏👏

Interested in learning more about our innovation platform and how to design your private recruitment challenge? 

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