Provide a short and concise description of the social problem your project is addressing/solving:

All too often, everyday people feel as if there's nothing they can do to address the social and political problems we have today. Almost everyone has had the desire to change the system rather than simply sharing posts on their Instagram stories. Catalyst is going to help make this a possibility. By giving users the ability to draft bills, or share documents with demands they would like to see in a bill, and by also using artificial intelligence in order to put these in front of the right users and the right congressman you need, this will result in you building a coalition of like minded everyday people and congressman. This will result in your likelihood of enacting real and lasting change that you've been longing for to go up dramatically.

Provide a short and concise description of how you integrated AI into your project (Please make this description short. You will be able to explain further in the video):

In order to create the political leanings component, the application used a neural network model created in TensorFlow in order to place the tags in the posts the user has liked in shared in the political spectrum. After it's determined what tags coincide with which political beliefs, it counts the amount of times you've liked and shared posts of specific political ideologies and then predicts you're placement on the political spectrum using this counter. I simply sent HTTP calls containing user input into a Abracadabra Recommender API that I trained(the recommendation engine) in order to create the recommendations tab and the trending tab simply consists of which posts received the most likes and share over the period of 24 hours.

Attach a video with a maximum length of 3 minutes that includes project demonstration, further explanation, etc. of your project.