Provide a short and concise description of the social problem your project is addressing/solving:

As countries that have not controlled the spread of the virus are reopening rapidly, hospitals will soon become chaotic and more people will need to contact their doctors. In order to save doctor's time and address all patients, we created a contactless diagnostic test website so anyone can take a test and it sends information immediately to the doctors so the doctor can make appointments with those individuals with the virus and already know their symptoms.

Provide a short and concise description of how you integrated AI into your project (Please make this description short. You will be able to explain further in the video):

The COVID-19 diagnostic test is based in ML and NLP. It incorporates machine learning in order to learn weighting certain questions greater if they better determine if a person has the virus and thus facilitates with earlier detection for people with less symptoms.

Simultaneously, it employs natural language processing so that if stationed at test centers, people can easily communicate verbally with the chatbot and do not have to touch the device used by hundreds of people.

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