Provide a short and concise description of the social problem your project is addressing/solving:

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, speech anxiety affects 73% of the population. Many experts assert that practice is the key to gaining confidence. However, many presenters gain stress while practicing among their peers, and don't notice areas of improvement if they practice among themselves. PresentHelp provides a GUI that gives the user feeback on their presentation with three main metrics: length, speed, and disfluencies.

Provide a short and concise description of how you integrated AI into your project (Please make this description short. You will be able to explain further in the video):

PresentHelp uses speech recognition and natural language processing to recognize, transcribe, analyze and output the presentation and feeback to the user. It makes use of PyAudio in python to segment disfluencies in speech, as well as basic filler words such as "like", "basically", and so. In addition, it provides uses AI in speech recognition to provide an automated transcript to the user after the user ends their presentation

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