Provide a short and concise description of the social problem your project is addressing/solving:

Police camera infrastructure is meant to hold everyone accountable during law enforcement interactions. However, the large amount of camera data is not being reliably analyzed, leading to a lack of accountability.

Provide a short and concise description of how you integrated AI into your project (Please make this description short. You will be able to explain further in the video):

We created an algorithm that distinguishes between violent and non-violent images. The model will be used to analyze police camera footage for violence, aggregate videos from other sources, and send them to third party investigators.

Attach a video with a maximum length of 3 minutes that includes project demonstration, further explanation, etc. of your project.



Diana Damenova: [email protected]

Seok Hee Hong: [email protected]

Ethan Nguyen: [email protected]

Sophia Viner: [email protected]


We thank the BitHacks team for organizing the hackathon. Also, we thank the SyBBURE Searle Undergraduate Research Program for their support.