AyaChaina word coined by merging Aya (the brain behind this hackathon) and supply chain, is a blockchain-powered platform that addresses Africa's transparency and traceability challenges that businesses face. It provides an immutable ledger that fosters trust among all stakeholders, from producers to consumers. By leveraging blockchain technology, we enable real-time tracking, verification, and authentication of goods, creating a more accountable and sustainable supply chain ecosystem for Africa.

The Problem

The African supply chain reached a market value of $41 billion between 2021 and 2022. The continent is also deemed a significant player in producing valuable resources for renewable energy as tech transitions into sustainability. Despite these promising developments on the horizon, the continent still faces core supply chain problems. 

For instance, 42% of all fake drugs were reported to originate from Africa between 2013-2017. The continent needs a blockchain-powered supply chain to tackle this traceability crisis and lack of transparency. 


Enter AyaChain

AyaChain is a supply chain platform powered by blockchain to maintain transparency, traceability, and authenticity within Africa's supply chain system. We focus on helping our users (manufacturers and distributors, logistics providers, and final consumers) with real-time visibility for monitoring the entire product journey.  To do this, we offer four critical solutions. 

The Solution

AyaChain offers myriad benefits to businesses within the African tech, eCommerce, manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics ecosystem. The solutions we provide include: 

1. Transparency and Traceability

All transactions, concerning the movement of a commodity, executed on AyaChain is securely recorded in a tamper-proof, decentralized ledger. This ensures that all stakeholders, from the manufacturers to consumers, can access real-time information about the product's origin, quality, and journey.  Such transparency empowers trust amongst all our users and enables swift identification of any issues or bottlenecks in the supply chain, facilitating quick resolutions and preventing fraud.

2. Blockchain-enhanced data security

Traditional supply chain solutions often depend on a centralized database susceptible to manipulation or hacking. In contrast, blockchain's encryption and consensus mechanisms create a highly secure environment where data is immutable and unalterable. This not only safeguards sensitive information but also reduces the need for intermediaries, lowering operational costs while increasing the overall reliability and integrity of the supply chain. Ultimately, embracing blockchain empowers businesses to streamline operations, mitigate risks, and deliver enhanced value to themselves and their customers.  

3. Real-time Geolocation

Real-time geolocation on AyaChain embeds blockchain tech to offer enhanced product location visibility and accuracy within Africa's supply chain. 

By incorporating real-time geolocation data into the blockchain, businesses gain a precise understanding of the physical whereabouts of their products at every stage of the supply chain. This granular location information helps optimize routing and reduce delivery times but also allows for better monitoring of inventory levels and conditions. 

Ultimately, geolocation in a blockchain-powered supply chain bolsters efficiency and promotes trust, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to accurate, up-to-date information about the geographical status of goods, thereby minimizing the risk of losses, theft, or inefficiencies in the logistics process.

AyaChain Tech Stack

AyaChain is built and runs on the Base blockchain. We utilized frontend and backend technologies to craft a solution that tackles core supply chain problems in Africa.  Here's a breakdown of our other tech tools: 


1. Typescript

2. Nextjs

3. TailwindCSS

4. React-Toastify

5. Wallet connect

6. Wagmi


1. Base blockchain 

2. Rainbowkit library

3. Hardhat 

4. Solidity 

5. Viem  

Product Design

1. Figma 

2. Canva 

AyaChain Revenue Stream

AyaChain revenue stream emanates from a subscription-based model. The platform has a concise approach to attracting and turning potential clients into loyal customers. To do this, our subscription model includes a freemium plan. 

Freemium plan

We will offer a time- and feature-limited version of AyaChain to attract a broad user base. This allows our potential customers to immerse themselves in our product's value, enabling them see the top-quality solution we provide. This ensures they can commit to a subscription plan tailored to their budget and business needs. The free plan will run for 7 days. 

Basic plan

AyaChain's basic plan is designed to provide a soft landing for our entry-level users. This allows them to get started with our product features, implementing them in their businesses at an affordable price point. Users can access core functionalities that meet their basic business needs for a supply chain product. 

Standard plan

The standard plan caters to users needing more advanced features and capabilities. It provides a well-rounded set of tools to accommodate the needs of mid-sized businesses and growing organizations. This plan offers enhanced functionality, customization options, and better support than the Basic plan.

Premium plan

The Premium plan is a top-tier subscription option for larger enterprises and power users. It offers access to all the platform's features, including advanced analytics, premium customer support, and priority updates. This plan is ideal for those who demand the highest performance, security, and customization level.

Custom Enterprise Plan

A custom enterprise plan suits the unique requirements of large enterprises with specific needs This plan often includes dedicated account management, extensive integration options, and personalized pricing based on the organization's size and usage.

AyaChain Marketing Strategy

AyaChain has a user-centric marketing strategy to acquire a sizable number of users in the first 6 months of our product launch. Our target audience includes retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers, and every internet user who needs a delivery to their doorstep. Our marketing strategy includes: 

1. Social Media Marketing 

AyaChain social media marketing strategy includes building a reputable online presence by engaging our users with attention-grabbing content. We will regularly share content on the benefits of blockchain in supply chain management. Our content format will include infographics, case studies, and short whiteboard videos. 

Additionally, we'll implement SEO (a cost-effective marketing approach) to get our content to our users organically. 

2. Email marketing

Our email marketing strategy utilizes an approach to get the right information to improve our user's knowledge and drive them to use our product. It includes informative newsletters containing product updates, highlighting the advantages of blockchain management in supply chain. To maintain engagement, we'll send our subscribers personalized recommendations and exclusive offers.  

3. Partnership

Partnerships are a vital element of our marketing strategy for our blockchain-powered supply chain startup. We can expand our reach and credibility in the market by collaborating with key industry players, such as logistics providers, technology firms, and trade associations. These partnerships enable us to offer integrated solutions, tap into established customer bases and access valuable resources. 

Furthermore, they allow us to co-market our blockchain solution as a transformative tool for supply chain efficiency and transparency. Ultimately, these strategic partnerships enhance our product's value proposition and drive brand recognition and customer acquisition in a highly competitive landscape.

AyaChain: Future Development and Scalability

The future development and scalability plans of AyaChain is a commitment to continuous innovation to satisfy the evolving needs of our users.  We have short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.

Short-term goal

Our short-term goal is to launch a fully functional product to help users efficiently track their products while maintaining 100% authenticity. 

Mid-term goal

Our mid-term goal is to leverage blockchain and AI to deliver real-time predictive analytics concerning accurate product delivery time, further improving supply chain visibility and decision-making capabilities. 

Long-term goal

Our long-term goal is to 

accommodate a growing user base without compromising speed or security. We'll explore sharding, off-chain solutions, and interoperability with other blockchain networks to ensure our platform can scale seamlessly. 

Moreover, we will actively seek global partnerships and alliances to expand our network and accommodate international supply chains. This holistic approach ensures our platform remains at the forefront of innovation, scales effortlessly, and continues to provide unparalleled value to supply chain stakeholders.

How to Use AyaChain

AyaChain simplifies supply chain management through its intuitive user interface. Here's how it works:

1. Product Creation: Producers/distributors can easily create new products using our application. They provide product details such as name, condition, and delivery location.

2. My Products Page: Distributors, intermediaries, and customers have access to a "My Products" page. Here, they can view the products they are involved with and their respective details.

3. Shipping Process: When a product is ready to be shipped, the intermediary or distributor (if no intermediary exists) can initiate the shipment. They update the product's location and condition during this process.

4. Ongoing Updates: As the product moves through the supply chain, the intermediary or distributor continues to update its location and condition. This real-time information is recorded on the blockchain.

5. Product Tracking: Customers can track the movement and condition of their purchased product by entering the product ID on the "Track Product" page. This provides them with an accurate and transparent view of their product's journey.


Our blockchain-powered supply chain product is poised to revolutionize how businesses manage and optimize their supply chains. With transparency, security, and efficiency at its core, it offers a transformative solution for industries of all sizes. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we're creating a future where supply chains are more resilient, agile, and responsive to market dynamics. We're excited to lead this innovation journey, helping businesses thrive in an increasingly interconnected and data-driven world.

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