In the ever-evolving world of finance, cryptocurrency emerges as a transformative force with the potential to revolutionize two vital domains: financial inclusion and education. At its core, cryptocurrency represents a digital frontier where financial literacy is not just encouraged but cultivated, and where access to financial services becomes a universal right.

Consider this: As of 2021, approximately 1.7 billion adults around the globe remain unbanked, lacking access to basic financial services. In parallel, research from the Global Findex Database indicates that around two-thirds of adults struggle with understanding fundamental financial concepts. These statistics underscore the urgency of addressing financial inclusion and education gaps.

Cryptocurrency isn't just a form of digital money; it's a catalyst for change. 

It offers the means to promote financial literacy on a global scale. By simplifying complex financial concepts and providing accessible tools for wealth management, it empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their finances. Moreover, the implementation of interchangeable stable coins and coin-swapping mechanisms opens doors to a world where transaction costs are minimized and financial intermediaries become a thing of the past. A study conducted by the World Bank found that the average cost of sending remittances globally was still over 6% in 2021, demonstrating the potential impact of cryptocurrency in reducing these costs.

Through these applications, crypto adoption isn't merely an abstract idea; it's a tangible opportunity. It's about ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, can access the benefits of a global digital economy. It's about promoting financial inclusion and education in a way that's never been done before.

The Problem

The Problems We're Solving: Untapped Crypto Savings Opportunities

Imagine a world where your crypto not only stays safe but also helps you save for a better financial life. That's what we're here to talk about – a challenge that needs fixing.

Check this out:

Growing Your Dreams: You want to build a brighter financial future, right? But here's the catch: regular savings don't cut it anymore. In 2021, putting money in a typical savings account gives you only about 0.5% interest. It's like saving for a vacation and only getting enough for a snack. This is happening everywhere, not just in one place. Crypto enthusiasts are searching for ways to make their money grow faster.

Dormant Digital Wealth: Now, think about this – many people have crypto just sitting around doing nothing. In 2021, almost 60% of all Bitcoins didn't move for a year. It's like having a car that never leaves the garage. These untouched assets are like sleeping giants, missing the chance to help you achieve your dreams.

The Confusing Part: You've heard about earning more with DeFi, right? But it's like a puzzle that's missing pieces. Figuring out how to use DeFi platforms and strategies can be as tricky as solving a riddle. This makes it tough for regular folks to jump in and make their crypto work harder.

Ensuring Asset Security: Now, here's the scary part – hackers. In 2020, they took off with more than $3 billion worth of crypto. It's like a digital robbery! This fear of losing your assets makes it hard to trust new platforms to keep your crypto safe while making it work for you.

So the problem isn't just saving and earning. It's about turning your crypto into a tool for your financial dreams. Crypto enthusiasts like you want a way to make their digital assets hustle for their goals.

The Solution

The name BlockXave isn't random; it's a code that unlocks the magic:

"Block" from Blockchain: We're rooted in the secure and groundbreaking technology of blockchain, the backbone of cryptocurrencies.

"Xave" for Saving: And here's where the real adventure begins. We're all about helping you save and grow your crypto assets.

BlockXave is the answer to this above challenges of making the most of your crypto assets. It's a smart solution designed to transform the way you save and earn with your crypto investments.

With BlockXave, your crypto isn't just a digital currency; it's a gateway to a stronger financial future. It's more than a tool; it's a shift in how you view and manage your crypto assets.

How did we go about it?

Step1: We created our user flow to guide our design process (Link to the user flow selection)

Step 2: Next, we created the user interface using Figma (Link to the Design File)

Step 3: We created the smart contract using solidity and hardhat and the frontend application using typescript and React, after which we made use of web3uikit and moralis to integrate the smart contract with React (Link to Github)

  • The technology used: Typescript, ReactJS, and Solidity.

Using our Platform  (Link to Demo)

  • Previous and New Users connect their Wallet from the Landing Page (See Connect Wallet Screen below)

  • After Connecting their Wallet successfully, it then takes them to their Dashboards respectively).
  • New User Clicks on the Deploy Smart Contract and it takes them to Select Target Goals Screens.
  • New User selects Save For Accommodation and it takes them to fill out the form, Confirmation and accept to the Terms & Conditions pages.

  • Once successful, the New User is navigated to the Updated Dashboard like our old Users
  • See the Updated User Dashboard Screen showing their savings portfolio, Transaction history etc.
  • and both Users can start exploring right away.

Major Challenges Faced During the Hackathon

  • For our initial concept, FinXart, a platform designed to enable transparent and easy management of artists' profits and plays across various streaming platforms using Smart Contracts, one big difficulty we discovered was the lack of access to essential APIs. Despite our early enthusiasm and plans, there was a problem because the required APIs weren't available. As a result, we swiftly changed our strategy and worked under pressure to come up with a new product proposal.
  •  This difficulty forced us to be quick to adapt and think imaginatively, which finally helped us create our ground-breaking BlockXave product, which addresses the critical need for easily accessible and secure crypto savings in Africa. Our team's flexibility and drive to overcome challenges and provide meaningful answers are demonstrated by our ability to change course and develop a fresh idea.

Future Improvements on BlockXave!

Here at BlockXave, we're on a mission to transform the world of crypto savings and elevate your financial experience. Here is how we would and can achieve this in the near future.

1. Advanced Coin Swapping: Imagine effortlessly swapping your crypto assets within BlockXave. This exciting feature will fine-tune your savings strategy by optimizing your portfolio in a way that suits you best.

2. Yield Farming Integration: We would dive into the captivating world of DeFi, right within BlockXave! This integration will open doors to higher rewards as you participate in various yield farming opportunities.

3. Decentralized Governance: What do you think of the idea of You Joining us in shaping the future of BlockXave? We're bringing decentralized decision-making to the forefront, allowing token holders like you to vote on upgrades and new features.

4. NFT Integration: Your NFT journey would get simpler and more rewarding within BlockXave. Store, manage, and even earn from your non-fungible tokens with utmost ease.

5. Cross-Chain Compatibility: BlockXave will also support multiple blockchain networks, letting you save and earn across different chains effortlessly.

6. Enhanced Security Measures: Your peace of mind is our priority. We're introducing cutting-edge security features like biometric authentication and hardware wallet integration to ensure your assets are always protected.

7. Educational Resources: We're not just a platform, but your guide to blockchain knowledge. You would be able to access a treasure trove of educational content, including tutorials, webinars, and articles, helping you navigate this exciting world with confidence.

8. Global Partnerships: Your BlockXave experience is about to get even richer. Collaborations with financial institutions, crypto projects, and service providers will bring you exclusive opportunities and benefits as well.


In conclusion, BlockXave stands as a promising solution to the challenges faced by crypto enthusiasts seeking secure and profitable ways to manage their digital assets. 

By addressing the gaps in the current landscape and providing accessible avenues for interest generation, BlockXave has the potential to reshape the future of crypto finance. Through its innovative approach and user-centric design, BlockXave aims to empower users with the tools they need to safeguard and grow their crypto holdings effectively.

Link to this Product Overview

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