Product Overview

GreenRewards is a tokenized Recycling Rewards application (dApp) designed to empower individuals to actively participate in sustainable waste management and recycling efforts. By leveraging blockchain technology and partnership with verified recycling companies/centers, GreenRewards aims to transform the way we approach waste disposal management and environmental stewardship. The platform rewards users with valuable tokens (Greenrewards coin) for recycling and practising proper waste disposal with the partnered recycling centers, creating a positive feedback loop that benefits both users and the planet.

Problem Statement

Efficient waste disposal management, which contributes to sustainable carbon reduction, remains a significant challenge across numerous African countries, as exemplified by Nigeria's South West region (Lagos, Oyo, Osun State among others). Although recycling stands as a potent means to diminish our environmental impact, the challenges persist. 

Discovering nearby recycling centers can be arduous, and sustaining motivation throughout the recycling process (be it collection, processing, or remanufacturing) is even more demanding. Beyond the nominal incentives(money) provided to individuals participating in recycling efforts, a more robust system is required to reward responsible waste disposal and recycling processes. Furthermore, instilling confidence in participants that their recycling endeavors genuinely result in recycling and not landfilling is imperative.

GreenRewards solves this problem by making recycling more rewarding. Users can earn tokens for recycling their waste, which they can then redeem for eco-friendly products, services or carbon offset certificates. This makes recycling more fun and engaging, and it helps to encourage people to recycle more often.

Proposed Solution

GreenRewards addresses the problem by connecting users with recycling companies and using blockchain technology to reward recycling activity. Users submit proof of their recycling activities to the platform, and the system redirects it to the selected verified partnering recycling center dashboard who verifies the activities hence they get rewarded with tokens (Greenrewards coin) upon verification. These tokens can be exchanged for eco-friendly products, services, or even carbon offset certificates.

The amount of tokens awarded will be based on the weight and type of recyclable material recycled.

GreenRewards is a great way to reduce our impact on the environment and make recycling more rewarding. It is a win-win for everyone!

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