An application for creatives to help with them easily register & manage IP & copyrights for content they create for distribution to the public.

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Udunkulu - Product Brief

Hackathon Category: Applications in entertainment and media; artist management, music and content distribution, copyrights, IP, etc.

Project PRD: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l-kcF3tGYZVK9sF9gFEBZIgqw0AJpGwnEdnw9w39o3g/edit?usp=sharing    

GitHub URL: 

Hosting URL: http://udunkulu.vercel.app/ 

Contract Address:  0x713d3012ac92FeCC132e96860E69555aCB19De6D

Telegram: Sage_Godspeed

Why are we doing this?

We are creating a platform to serve as an easy-to-use and accessible registry for the entertainment and media sector, to facilitate clear documentation of copyrights, IP for music and digital content distribution, etc. with no hassle with transparent data collection algorithms and web3 technologies

What are we doing? 

We are building an easy-to-use platform for creatives to show their proof of ownership of work as well as add the necessary licensing and permissions when it comes to their work and how it can be used, modified, and the manner it can be shared

Who are we doing it for?

Digital Creatives, who make digital media in whatever medium possible so far it has a digital footprint that can be analyzed.

How are we doing it?

We are utilising familiar human interaction flows when it comes to creating this kind of service to keep the UX as familiar as it can be similar to how we have the Patent Office process for registering patents

The business model of the project.

We will charge our users a non-refundable processing fee for their applications to the registry. Also as the project scales we would like to help the creators with a transparent royalty collection platform for digital content they created that gets remixed by other creatives with their permission started in their licenses.

When are we delivering it?

14 days development timeline for a POC product with a barebones iteration of the solution for submission to the Aya Hackathon 

How can the proposed solution be scaled for implementation?

A public release afterwards to validate its use-case with a more robust solution built over 3 months to validate its use-case in public with everyday creatives and fine-tuning the product using customer feedback and the PLG methodology.

What web3 technologies/tools were used in developing the solution?

  • Wallet Connect

  • Wagmi

  • EtherJS

  • Solidity

  • Ethereum

  • Remix