1. Ticket vendors are using mobile apps and blockchain technology to improve customer insights and event experiences. Our NFTICKETX platform addresses issues like ticket fraud, reselling, and data limitations for event organizers. Through our platform, users can demonstrate ticket ownership using blockchain, ensuring authenticity and security. This innovative solution addresses challenges in traditional ticket systems.

NFTICKETX aims to bring blockchain technology into the spotlight. We're focusing on creating a platform for the entertainment, event, and media industries. As Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, wisely said, 'The idea of building censorship-resistant, decentralized systems is just so much more important than making yet another application that's slightly better than a centralized version.' This quote echoes our mission to utilize blockchain's power for secure and decentralized ticketing and entertainment solutions.

Technology Used

  • Base Network (easy onboarding)
  • NextJS, Moralis, Pinata, Solidity,Hardhat (Tech Stack)
  • IPFS 

Business Model

We are using a payment splitter smart contract to get a percentage of the revenue generated by creators on our platform 



NFTICKETX Contract Details

Team Members Contact

Telegram usernames - kofman10, boogeyboll, thenaturalomotayo

Discord usernames - Kofman9680, tunmie, omotayo0241