Please fine two sections below, at the top for all teams to complete and then some further questions for teams that formed before the hackathon (Especially applicable for F6S teams who may wish to copy and past over their answers if already completed.)

**For all teams to complete (questions 1 to 9)**

1. Startup/Project name

Explainer platform in easy language for hospitals

2. How did your team come together?

We formed before the hackathon and applied

3. Describe your project in one sentence!

We create explanatory videos under the name "Knowledge in simple language" for people with learning and reading difficulties and impairments. We want to simplify content and thus enable more participation.

4. Please share with us a short description of your startup/project. 

We develop an explainer movie platform that helps people with cognitive problems or that can't read or speak very little German to understand the processes in a hospital.

5. Which problem do you want to solve with your startup? Give us your best elevator pitch!
- Quality of information are not standardized
- resources will bound
- The staff used incomprehensible technical terms
- patients have an information needs

6. What is the value proposition of the solution you want to develop?
The videos help as well in unburdening the workload of hospital staff
and make it easier to communicate with different target groups, communicate between several, houses
and save time.

7. Why do you think your team would be able to successfully create a viable product and business out of your early-stage idea?

Because we had already good Feedback on the idea and have the skills to produce and maintain the product.

8. Give us the top 5 features that are, in your opinion, crucial for the success of your healthcare startup.

- Know-How about the Healthcare industry
- a lot of time

9. Please upload your pitch deck 

(We recommend this is completed towards the end of the week - and don't forget you'll need it for Pitch Day on Friday May 20!)

**Only answer the below questions 10 to 18 if you are your startup team that formed before the hackathon. So especially applicable for teams that have come via F6S.**

10. If your company was founded, when was this?
We are looking into funding a new company as gGmbH end of the year.

11. Has your startup received funding?
Project funding for prototype

12. Have you already incorporated your idea?

13. How long have you all been working together on this idea?

We are working on the idea since April 2021

14. What is your current milestone  - Idea / Prototype / Users / Paying Users

- Users Feedback and refinement of product
- Business development
- further development into a better learning environment

15. What have you done so far to validate your idea?
User tests

16. Create a 1-minute YouTube or Vimeo video introducing your team and what you do. Be spontaneous, real and authentic!

(We recommend this is completed towards the end of the week if not completed already)

17. Meet the team! ‘Who does what?’: In detail, please provide the tasks and responsibilities assigned to each of your team members including details on the background and expertise of everyone. 

(We recommend this is completed towards the end of the week if not completed already)

Martha Friedrich - UX Design, Illustration, Animation
Francesco F. - WordPress Development

18. Please include your website address here if applicable
(reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions when completing this)