Please fine two sections below, at the top for all teams to complete and then some further questions for teams that formed before the hackathon (Especially applicable for F6S teams who may wish to copy and past over their answers if already completed.)

**For all teams to complete (questions 1 to 9)**

1. Startup/Project name: Health Me

2. How did your team come together?

We formed during the hackathon.

3. Describe your project in one sentence!

Achieve your health goals with customised health & nutrition optimisation tactics provided by digital solution

4. Please share with us a short description of your startup/project. 

Our mission is to help people to improve their lives in best condition. We want to achieve this by helping you to optimise your health, nutrition and lifestyle. Therefore, we will create an AI supported digital solution that will guide you through customised transformation in health, nutrition and lifestyle. 

The digital solution will be an app that will use artificial intelligence technology. The app will provide powerful insights how to take care of your body and mind including health checks, mindfulness techniques, nutrition and physical activities strategies adapted to specific needs and targeted lifestyle changes.

All stages of transformation will be equipped with AI-supported customised health advices, physical and mental activities, providing healthy cooking recipes and suggesting additional nutritional bio supplements to support your health goals.

The AI will analyse and interpret the input data and based on your profile it will propose a holistic overview of the health and what needs to be done to optimise it. By choosing one or many of the transformation goals you will be able to achieve them eventually through little lifestyle changes made everyday.

5. Which problem do you want to solve with your startup? Give us your best elevator pitch!

All of us have difficulties to keep good habits and help ourselves to live healthy. Instead, people tend to react on issues, follow painful, restrictive diets, force themselves for physical activity. This is not a sustainable solution. It makes us not achieving our goal and brings lots of frustrations. 

Our AI-based solution is an app which will guide you through various optimisations that will eventually transform your lifestyle into good and healthy habits with just a little effort. It will help you to achieve it without restrictive diets and painful physical exercises. You will create sustainable habits that will help you to achieve a longer and better life.

Just download the app, answer the questions in the questionnaire, achieve your holistic overview and choose from the list of proposed strategies you want to follow for the transformation you want to achieve. And trust the process. the app will become your health coach and will assist you in your journey, you will get health optimisation advices, nutritional and cooking recipes as well as supplement guidance, physical and mental coaching. 

6. What is the value proposition of the solution you want to develop?

Achieving a long and good life is a journey. Same as life is. Day by day, year by year and decade after decade. You want to live longer and better not worrying about health issues that might occur anytime. To proactively adapt your lifestyle for a better one you need a change. Big change starts with a first step, followed by new steps done each day. 

With our app you will hack your biology and improve your health. Provide the AI with your data, build your profile, and get insights about your health status. Based on your profile, app algorithms will interpret the data and equip you with a scientifically based transformational strategies to choose from. All of the customised for you. Once your choice is done the app will arm you with all tactics and to-dos so you can just simply follow the plan each day. Thanks to tracking the progress you will see how your health is getting optimised and your lifespan extends. But first of all you will feel it by yourself. The app is just your personal health coach.

7. Why do you think your team would be able to successfully create a viable product and business out of your early-stage idea?

The team was formed by people who have the passion for health and helping others. Each of team members is an expert in their field. Anna in business development, Adam in health, nutrition and longevity, and . in AI technologies. Together, with our passion and creativity we are able to make this project a huge success. 

8. Give us the top 5 features that are, in your opinion, crucial for the success of your healthcare startup.

Importance of the topic and no real solution available so far

Expertise of each of team members

The AI-based technology 

Creativity and innovative thinking about health

Strong success orientation of the team members

9. Please upload your pitch deck 

(We recommend this is completed towards the end of the week - and don't forget you'll need it for Pitch Day on Friday May 20!)

TBD with all guys at a later stage

**Only answer the below questions 10 to 18 if you are your startup team that formed before the hackathon. So especially applicable for teams that have come via F6S.**

10. If your company was founded, when was this?

11. Has your startup received funding? 

12. Have you already incorporated your idea?

If yes, is the Trade License (Gewerbeanmeldung) older than 3 months at the time of the application?

13. How long have you all been working together on this idea?

14. What is your current milestone  - Idea / Prototype / Users / Paying Users 

15. What have you done so far to validate your idea?

16. Create a 1-minute YouTube or Vimeo video introducing your team and what you do. Be spontaneous, real and authentic!

(We recommend this is completed towards the end of the week if not completed already)

17. Meet the team! ‘Who does what?’: In detail, please provide the tasks and responsibilities assigned to each of your team members including details on the background and expertise of everyone. 

(We recommend this is completed towards the end of the week if not completed already)

18. Please include your website address here if applicable

(reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions when completing this)


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