Data is considered as the new fuel that will lead this world. We reached a stage where the industry is in a need to analyze and build solutions based on their data. Using AI, the model can learn and simulate human actions but only if data exists because the AI model will need to get trained.

The problem of Avoiding Mislabeled data and Finding Reliable Medical Labeled-Data for an Artificial Intelligent Application in the healthcare sector affects companies & start-ups that provide health-tech solutions based on AI. The impact of this is :

  •  According to MIT Sloan management review &BCG, 96% of enterprises faced data issues after the project started (in 2016) 
  • Labeling each data point in the dataset manually which consumes effort, is tremendously inefficient, error-prone, and difficult. 
  • A lengthy auditing process
  •  Lack of training data affect the accuracy 
  •  Following a model-centric approach rather than a data-centric approach Buying labeled data at high costs.

We will help in empowering healthcare technologies providers by providing them with a data annotation(labeling) platform that has tools to help them label needed data that will be used by their AI models to get trained on. This will be done by Machine Learning models(pre-trained models) aside with data annotators (contractors) whose job is to label data. 

Our platform is more to be machine powered not human-powered but in critical apps like health, we want to make sure that humans are part of the process to ensure that the systems perform safely and reliably.  (Human-In-The-Loop).

Target Audience: Health-tech Companies & startups who implement AI solutions. Starting from the MENA region then expanding globally

We believe that we can have an impact on the world by developing healthcare technologies considering that Health is one of the main challenges in the SDGs.

Data Annotation Tools Market size surpassed USD 1 billion in 2020 and is predicted to grow to USD 5.5 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of over 30% between 2021 and 2027 (Source: Global Market Insights).

In Egypt, the government is investing around 42 Billion Dollars as a contribution to the AI era until 2020 (Source: PWC).

All of this information indicates that the Data Annotation market size is very big and is expanding year after year which makes me feel confident that our Startup can be sustainable