In this hackathon project, we want to monitor and trace external carbon impact (e.g. via blockchain, visual/spatial recognition) caused indirectly by food production and distribution in order to calculate the scope 3 carbon footprint for businesses which is responsible for most climate change impact.


ClearCO2 offers a Platform empowering SMEs to profit from carbon accounting, buy from sustainable suppliers and reverse climate change! Initially our focus is on food service SMEs and their suppliers to measure, reduce GHG emissions and generate revenues by selling carbon credits, ClearCO2 contributes to healing the broken food system.

ClearCO2 centralizes all data required for measurement, audit, certification and aggregation to sell SME carbon credits via adequate carbon accounting standards and methodologies.

ClearCO2 leverages financial accountants, training them as outsourcing partners for carbon accounting and providing a platform for data collection, calculations, audit and reporting.

Focus is on suppliers with additional carbon credits along the food supply-chain and work with those who want to generate credits sales, initially from waste reduction and switching to renewable energies. For all SMEs, ClearCO2 will work with partners to provide a marketplace for solutions to reduce carbon footprint and generate credits.

Join our movement and master carbon accounting… Like child’s play!