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The Why:
Having strong connections and work experience from the banking and financial sectors, we observed that consumers had a hard time understanding the increasingly complex financial products offered to them by the banking industry and their inability to take the right decisions for themselves and their families, leading to family budget instability with societal isolation and crowding out effects. This is even worse in new generations, for example, Millennials.

Millennials are a generation having the highest banking and wealth potential, but they don't really trust the banks and are the most disengaged clients (<30%). Banks on the other hand, are slow and often overlook the opportunity a fully engaged customer may bring in terms of annual revenue (up to 37% or up to $400 per customer).

The What:
In Numus, we believe we can provide financial literacy and help make each family’s budget more effective and adapted, so that each family and individual can understand the financial offerings, cut unnecessary expenses and costs and plan for a better and a financially secure future.

The How (USP):
We help the banking and financial services vertical build trust and increase their clients' engagement and loyalty in a simple, gamified and fully automated way.

We increase customer's engagement by providing benchmarking, gamification, and tailored recommendations based on demographics, spending patterns and consumer behavior.