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Super pay

Is an end-to-end platform for real-time digital finance making online payments with cryptocurrencies mainstream enabling trust-less recurring cryptocurrency payments

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Problem Super Pay solves:

Real time online payments with cryptocurrencies are the next big step in making cryptocurrencies mainstream.With help of crypto payments any user can make transaction much faster act the globe enabling trust-less environment but most of the Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) companies uses the concept of continuous and autonomous payments popularly known as Recurring payments in their business model.However,this isn't currently available in crypto space hence was born Super pay.Super pay makes it possible.In very simplistic language Super Pay makes life of a vendor and consumer super simple by enabling recurring cryptocurrencies from consumers to vendors from a single platform.These continuous, autonomous and trust-less payment are powered Solana which makes them superfast,super secure,and super cheap (in terms of transaction fees).

Some of the use cases of super pay- 

- superpay can be used for or by over the top platforms like Netflix, Spotify,and other subscription based services where the company's business model relies on recurring payments.

-Employees payrolls are Recurring payments that are generally paid each month so,super pay can be used to pay employees in crypto.Employees can withdraw the amount by seconds.