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Hack the Electron - B

Talk with our smart meters and develop innovative solutions for the electricity grid stakeholders

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1. What are the challenges from EDP Distribuição?

Between the 1st of June and the 25th of June, EDP will have two challenges on Taikai platform: A and B. You can see all the information about them on the challenge pages.

2. Who can apply / submit a project?

Anyone can apply to this challenge: students, developers, engineers, data scientists, founders, startups, etc. You will need to form a team of 2 - 5 members and you can only submit one project.

The participation in the Challenge is under the conditions of:

  • being any person on legal age and able to justify it with an Identification card
  • being resident in Portugal
  • confirmation of availability to attend the Demo Day in case of being preselected

3. How can I apply / submit a project?

You need to go to the challenge page and register your participation clicking on the button “Register an innovator”. After you confirm your interest, in the challenge page you will have a button to "Request Smart Meter". Fill out the form and wait to see if you've been aproved to receive a "Smart Meter Kit". If you have been contacted with the approval of your application, you'll be able to go to the challenge page and click on the “Create a project” button. Add a name, a description and who will join you on this adventure. Then you can add a lot more content and improve this page to show how good your project is.

Don't forget to click on "Publish" to have your project visible to everyone and if you need you can do as many changes as you need until the submission deadline.

4. What are the deadlines of the challenge?

  • Smart Meters KITs will be available to eligible Teams on the 31st of May.
  • The Challenge will be revealed on the 1st of June.
  • Registration for Challenge B will close on the 15th of June at 23:59.
  • Project submission will take place from the 1st of June to the 25th of June.
  • Pre-selection for Demo Day will occur between the 25th of June and the 1st of July.
  • Demo Day will take place on the 4th of July.

5. What are the deliverables of this challenge?

Between the 1st of June and the 25th of June, you will have to publish on the platform, you Project, comprised of:

  • An overview of the Project developed up to that date (in the Project Page)
  • The algorithm built with the data set provided
  • A presentation of the Project in the form of document, video or image

If your project is one the 8 qualified for the Demo day, you will have to deliver:

  • 5 slides describing their project and relevant information such as the problem being tackled, the proposed solution, its impact and business model; and
  • An optional presentation video (2 minutes maximum) explaining the project.

The Participation on Demo Day consists of a 2-minute pitch performed by the Innovators on their project proposals at a public event at MAAT, in Lisbon on the 4th of July 2019, where finalists will be invited by the Organization.

6. Who has access to my project?

You, your team and EDP members have access to the full description and details of your project. Other users from Taikai can only see a small description of your project.

7. Who chooses the winner of a challenge?

A qualified Pre-Selection team will be composed by the EDP. The jury will be responsible for selecting up to 8 submitted Projects.

A qualified Selection Jury will be composed by the EDP. The Jury will be responsible for selecting and ranking up to 3 presented Projects out of a maximum of 8 pre-selected Projects during the Demo Day. The Ranking made by the Selection Jury will be announced on the Demo Day.

8. How is going to be the selection process?

This Challenge is divided into two selection processes:

  • Pre-Selection: this stage ends with the preselection of Projects;
  • Selection: this stage ends with finalist Projects selection at Demo Day;

Selection uses the following set of criteria: innovativeness, feasibility, presentation quality and impact on sustainability.

9. What happens with my intellectual property when I submit a project?

During and after the end of the Challenge, you have the right to use and register the Intellectual Property resulted from the Projects created (e.g. code, algorithms, etc.) for your own personal and commercial use. However, the EDP Distribuição is completely entitled to use the idea and solution that resulted from those Projects for their own activity, agreeing that the idea and description of the solution by its own doesn’t constitute any Intellectual Property created by you.

You can see more information about intellectual property here.

10. Where can I ask my questions about the challenge?

Reach us through our Taikai Slack, by joining us through http://bit.ly/jointaikaislack posting your issues on #edp-hackthehelectron-a channel. Or tune into the Webinars that EDP and Taikai will host and make available for replay on the TAIKAI platform.

We'll have people from EDP to answer any technical questions that may arise.

11. Can I apply to both Challenges?

Sure! If you feel like your team is able to solve both challenges, you should apply to both Challenges.

12. How will I have access to the smart meter packs?

There will be 20 smart meters that will be sent to the approved candidates in a "first come first served" methodology, to the address provided at registration, and to be returned to the organizers at the end of the challenge.