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The official Hackathon of ETH BCN

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General information

What is ETH BCN Hack?

ETH BCN Hack is a time-limited competitive event for IT professionals and specialists in the digital economy, in which participants in teams of 2 to 4 people (programmers, designers, managers, analysts) create prototypes of digital solutions. The challenges themselves are put up by partner organizations of the hackathon.

How long is the hackathon?

The hackathon runs from July 1st - July 3rd of 2022

Who can attend ETH BCN Hack?

ETH BCN Hack is targeted at creative minds with a hacker spirit (in the classical definition of the word). Anyone with a technical profile is welcome to apply, not only engineers (eg. web designers are welcome too).

What programming languages and technical tools can I use?

If the cases proposed by partners do not state separate restrictions in terms of software, participants are not limited in the choice of programming languages, technologies and implementation tools for creating prototypes, provided that the result of the work solves the problem identified in the case.

The prototype can use publicly available resources, libraries, templates, third-party software, as an add-on or basis, however, such add-ons must be available to absolutely every contestant without using or attracting any external resources (money, acquaintances, etc.).

What is the format of the hackathon?

The hackathon will be held in an offline, in-person format. However, if you cannot join us in-person, you can join online as long as the majority of your team is offline.


Can I register our company employees in bulk?

No. Candidates must register and apply individually (they are evaluated and selected individually too, see above).

I am under 18 years old, but I want to take part in the Hackathon, is there such an opportunity?

An individual who has reached the age of 18 can take part in the competition. If a team member is under 18 years old, unfortunately, she will be disqualified regardless of her place in the hackathon.

Can I participate in multiple teams?

No, each confirmed participant has the opportunity to participate in only one team

How much does it cost?

ETH BCN Hack is free for all selected candidates.

Team Formation

Can I participate alone, without a team?

Only teams from 3 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) people can take part in hackathons, but you can always find a team for yourself.

I signed up and put together a team. What's next?

The team must to select a challenge they participate

Can I bring a guest to the event?

No. All attendees must apply to the event individually.

I was selected but can't attend the event, what do I do?

Please let us know. Spots are limited and it would be nice if another candidate could go instead (but no, you cannot choose who that candidate might be).

When will the schedule be available?

A detailed schedule will be available closer to the event, on our website.

Will there be a live stream from the event?

Yes, live streaming will be available. The feed will be focused on the activities taking place on the main stage, such as talks and contests. When nothing is going on there, you can expect a general transmission of the event.

Will the talks be recorded?

Unless the speaker states otherwise, every talk will be recorded and available online in the weeks following the event.

The Hackathon

How will the hackathon go?

During the hackathon, the mandatory checkpoints will be held, where the teams will meet with the tracker and experts. Then the presentation of the results is carried out, the Jury asks clarifying questions and marks.

Who is a mentor?

An individual with business experience and experience working with startups, engaged by the organizer of the Hackathon to accompany and advise teams in terms of product thinking, team building, resource planning.

What is a checkpoint?

A checkpoint is a time interval within which the tracker and expert will contact the team.

The team will present their current progress, according to the results of which the coaches and experts will set the current ratings.

What are the requirements for the developed solution (prototype)?

The created Prototype must not:

  • contain elements of pornography or other materials of a sexual nature

elements and information promoting violence, inciting social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity, or containing calls for the overthrow of the constitutional order and inciting ethnic hatred

  • contain malware, viruses, spyware and other similar electronic programs that may harm the information system or violate the laws that protect the confidentiality of information

  • contain pre-prepared code/part of code

What are these other activities?

The main activity is, of course, the 48h programming competition, where your team works on a project during the event and presents it on stage on the final day. 

Do I get a participation certificate at the end?

Yes, we can provide participation certificates on demand in the days following the ETH BCN Hack. Just make sure you actually participate.

How can I participate in these other activities?

Some will have qualifier challenges in the weeks leading to ETH BCN Hack, you just need to participate and score enough to get qualified. Others require only that you register during the event. Check the pixels.camp website for more details.

What are the hackathon activities?

The main activity is, of course, the 48h programming competition, where your team works on a project during the event and presents it on stage on the final day. You will also have an educational program to support you in your progress..

What tools do I need to use?

Most of the work will be processed through TAIKAI. You also will need Zoom and Whatsapp for communication and Miro for teamwork

If I'm selected to participate in one of these activities, can I select anyone to team up with me? Even a speaker?

Yes, but it'll help if you tell that person beforehand.

Does that mean I can invite someone who's not attending the ETH BCN Hack?

No. The other members in your team must also be approved attendees. And to be approved they must apply for the event (individually).

Are there prizes for winning one of these activities?

In most cases, yes - but we won't tell you what the prize is in advance.

I am interested in exhibiting or becoming a sponsor, what do I do?

If you are interested in sponsoring ETH BCN Hack, please contact us at for a prospectus and sponsorship application instructions.

Still have questions?

File an issue on GitHub (https://github.com/PixelsCamp/docs/issues/new?labels=question)