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CASSINI Hackathons: Space for Defence & Security

Create innovative solutions for the defence and security industry with EU space technologies.

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5th CASSINI Hackathon: Space for Defence and Security

Welcome to our hackathon platform! Interested in EU space and emerging technologies? Eager to innovate the defence and security industry? Take part in this brand new edition of the CASSINI Hackathons and get the chance to win various prizes such as prize money and 6 months of expert mentoring! Check the information below to understand how the CASSINI Hackathons work.


Hit the orange button " ⚡ LOG IN TO JOIN" or "⚡JOIN HACKATHON" button. Depending if you have an account on TAIKAI or you have to create one. Your registration will be finalised once you completed our registration form. There you'll pick your hackathon location. 

There you go, now you are part of the 5th CASSINI Hackathon!    As a next step, go to the matchmaking tab and search for teammates. Teams have to be built before the start of the Hackathon Weekend (24 - 26 March).


You are in luck! At the CASSINI Hackathons, you have the chance to win twice . First at a local level and second at a European level if you are among the top 3 winning teams.

Local prizes - Each hackathon location has its own unique set of prizes for the local winners and runner-ups. Take a look at what you can win at the local level by checking the subpages of the local hackathons. (Click on the hyperlinks for the ten locations in section 3 for more information)

Overall prize - At the European level the three top hackathon teams will win the big prize and get access to the CASSINI Mentoring. A 6-month mentoring programme that includes 100 hours of mentoring by top experts and is designed to turn their hackathon project into a successful business


The CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring is a unique project that takes place simultaneously in 10 countries across Europe.

Hackathon Locations👇
1️⃣ Bulgaria   5️⃣ Hungary 9️⃣Romania 
2️⃣ Croatia  6️⃣ Italy 🔟Sweden 
3️⃣Cyprus 7️⃣ Latvia 
4️⃣France 8️⃣ Poland 

For each edition, we pick a theme with a purpose. The 5h CASSINI Hackathons will challenge you to imagine the future of defence and security with the help of European space technologies. Apply your innovative mind to create sustainable solutions that will propel this key sector into the future.

No previous space/hackathon experience is required!  Check our three defence-related challenges* below:

  1. Enabling cross-terrain mobility

  2. Making the seas more secure

  3. Protecting our critical infrastructure

For full challenge descriptions, check out our website: cassini.eu/hackathons  

*Please note that our challenges are referred to as 'Categories' inside the TAIKAI platform!


All European students, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, researchers, policymakers, security professionals, and others are welcome to participate. You are eligible if you are 18 years old or older at the start of the Hackathon (24 March) and reside in an EU Member State, Norway, Switzerland, or Iceland. All teams must have at least 3 team members and can go up to a maximum of 8 members.


💡 6 - 17 March | Big Ideas Campaign

Join us for this series of online evening events where we aim to spark your creativity and help you meet fellow team members. We kick off with our launch session, then dive into the key space technologies and how they are used in the defence and security industry. Pick and choose the sessions that interest you and be ready to be inspired. The agenda will be published at the start of February.

📅 22 March | Registration deadline

Register before the deadline - this applies for both you AND your teammates.

🤓 24 - 26 March | The Hackathon Weekend

The main event! Join hundreds of participants around Europe as you develop new products and services that contribute to the future of defence and security. Each location will select one winning team at the end of the weekend to move on to the Demo Day & Awards Ceremony.

🏆 30 March | Demo Day & Awards Ceremony

The 10 local winners from around Europe will come together to pitch their solutions in front of an expert jury board that will select the top 3 hackathon projects. This event will be made public to everyone.


Both at the local level and the European level your solutions will be judged against three simple criteria.

  1. Relevance (33%) - Does the project address one of the hackathon's three challenges? Does the project make use of Copernicus, Galileo and/or EGNOS data and signals?

  2. Innovativeness (33%) - How innovative is the idea compared to products/services that are already on the market? Is there potential for a viable business case?

        3. Quality of the team (33%) - Do the technical, business and creative expertise of the team members match the needs of the project?

In case you have questions check the FAQ tab or simply email us at [email protected]. We'll be glad to help!

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