BEPRO Network Product Showcase

We are thrilled to show off early previews of our BEPRO Network webapp that will enable developers and operators to interact with our Codebase in an easy to use, visual environment. The webapp allows you to open issues & bounties, and manage all your repository information.

Coders, Operators & #Buidlers will have a unified webapp experience where they can track issues and development progress for their blockchain enabled applications.

The BEPRO Network webapp will have several critical functionalities that make utilizing the Network easier and more efficient.

Create and Manage Proposals

The webapp allows users to create and manage proposals for $BEPRO bounties to fund development for specific features, bug fixes, improvements, or any other issue.

You’ll be able to tag people and assign specific bounties to individuals based on their scope of work and eventually, their reputation score.

Search for and Source Developer Talent

Thanks to the network of developers who are building on BEPRO Network, we are able to help source developer talent for those that require it, in a completely decentralised way!

Entrepreneurs can search for devs and connect with them directly for decentralised development of blockchain apps, peer to peer, all through the webapp.

Apply for Grants and Project Funding

BEPRO Network is committed to bringing the most useful codebase for blockchain apps to the market. Developers who build on our network and leverage bepro-js will gain reputation and visibility for future development funding.

Talented developers and teams can use the webapp to open bounty requests for others to fill, or submit their applications directly to us for consideration in our grants program.

Our vision is to become the most useful codebase to build blockchain apps, NFTs, gaming and DeFi. You can read our Developer Documentation here: — where we explain to devs and builders how to use our network for creating decentralised applications in #DeFi, #NFT and #blockchain.

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Carlos Mendes
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