BEPRO is now available on SushiSwap & Moonriver

As part of BEPRO Network’s continuous work to bring cross-chain functionalities to the protocol, you can now move BEPRO from Ethereum to Moonriver. If you hold BEPRO on Ethereum and want to move it to Moonriver, it’s possible to do it via Meter bridge to the Moonriver Network.

Attention: Always make sure you are interacting with the real BEPRO token smart contract address (see below).

Pair on Moonriver (MOVR/BEPRO):

Moonriver Token Details

  • Token Contract: 0xCb4a593ce512D78162C58384f0b2Fd6e802c2c47
  • Token Symbol: BEPRO
  • Token Decimals: 18

There are two ways of getting BEPRO on Moonriver:

1️⃣ Get BEPRO on SushiSwap.

2️⃣ Bridge your BEPRO from Ethereum Network to Moonriver.

1️⃣ Get BEPRO on SushiSwap

Pair on Moonriver (MOVR/BEPRO):

IMPORTANT: Ensure you’re connected to Moonriver in your wallet. Learn how to connect to Moonriver in Moonbeam’s documentation.

Make sure you hold MOVR in order to perform the trade. Check where you can get MOVR here.


2️⃣ Bridge your BEPRO from Ethereum Mainnet to Moonriver

Step 1: Go to and connect your wallet

Step 2: Choose Moonriver Mainnet as “To” Network

Step 3: Choose Ethereum in the “From” section on top, and BEPRO as the token, and input the amount you desire to bridge.

Step 4: Click Start Transfer.

Allow to use your BEPRO. You’ll get the following Metamask popup — You’ll only need to perform this step once.

Step 5: Confirm the transaction. You’ll get the following screen while the transaction awaits confirmation.

Step 6: After transaction confirmation, the tokens will make their way onto Moonriver through Meter’s bridge.

The process requires 25 block confirmations for the bridge deposit transaction on the Ethereum side, which may take 6 to 10 minutes. You can read all about it on Meter’s documentation.

Step 7: Configure Moonriver network on your Metamask.

If you haven’t configured the Moonriver network in your Metamask, please do so by using Moonbeams’ documentation: Head to and click “Connect to Moonriver”. You’ll be prompted with the following Metamask popups:

Click Approve and Switch network.

Step 8: Add BEPRO as a custom token in your Metamask. The token’s address in Moonriver is the following: 0xCb4a593ce512D78162C58384f0b2Fd6e802c2c47

Copy and paste the Moonriver BEPRO token smart contract address into the Token Contract Address field, as shown above. Click Next.

You’re all set and your BEPRO is ready to use on Moonriver!

You’ll be able to bridge your BEPRO back to Ethereum Mainnet using the same exact process. Just switch the “To” and “From” networks on Meter and repeat the process below.

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