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Be iT

São Paulo, Brazil

We support startups, unicorns, and companies going through digital transformation to hire talent in the Tech and Digital Business areas.

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Building high-performance teams in Technology, Products, and Data!

We optimize your talent acquisition process! Our Augmented Intelligence (AI) platform reduces recruitment time by up to 80% and generates a high rate of hiring and candidate engagement during the process.

Augmented Intelligence: Our AI is the combination of high-tech recruiting/assessment tools with the human touch of our technology experts.


Who contracts Be iT

Startups – We build entire teams for startups in early and expanding phases. We transform ourselves into ambassadors of the company’s business purpose in order to attract talent with a flexible and entrepreneurial profile.

Large Startups / Unicorns / Digital Companies – Our digital recruitment solutions and our Tech Recruiters act to be the main source of talent or to reinforce the capacity of our clients’ Tech Recruiting teams.

Companies in Digital Transformation – We help these companies to define the best strategy for building their Technology, Product or Data teams. In addition to finding the best professionals, we take a lot of market information and reinforce the client’s 

employer branding in the Tech community.


Be part of Be iT’s talent bank

We are responsible for hiring more than 2,250 candidates for unicorns, startups and large companies going through digital transformation in the last three years.

Join our community and boost your career. Our clients are always looking for a talent like you!