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Insert Coin

An idea can change the world, but an idea by itself is worthless. Execution is key. It is time to get out there, do something, make mistakes and build your own path! Work your way through it with our help along the journey.

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Insert Coin Live is an MVP pitch competition. What does that mean? Did you ever had an great idea but something held you back? Maybe it was not having a team or money or it just wasn’t the right time or something else. Sounds familiar? Well, if you have the drive to be an entrepreneur, we can help you out and that it what Insert Coin is all about. Insert Coin Live is a one-day event dedicated to those who want to start something new. Pitch your idea and you’ll have the chance to win over 30k€ to develop your MVP and test the market. Worst case scenario? A day with mentoring, meetings with potential customers, workshops and talks about building your own company.