TAIKAIJOB-19 Backend Challenge

Job Board API Coding Challenge for Backend Developers

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TAIKAI is hiring a Backend Developer 🧙‍♀️

The best professionals need a good replication of a work environment to show off their skills, so we designed a recruitment process experience, centered on candidates, that gives them space to show their skills, creativity and see how they work on a simple programming project.

The first step to start your journey is to sign up on TAIKAI, if you don't have an account,  and join this challenge providing more details about you, your background, resume, and skills.  

We will screen and interview the best candidates and move them to the project step to complete the project submission. More details about the timeline are available here.

🚨 Before moving forward, please check the Backend Developer Challenge Specification to make sure this position makes sense for and you have all the powers to join TAIKAI Army. 🏋️‍♀️

Apply to Earn 💸

The candidates that apply for this position and submit a valid project will earn 300 KAI and any candidate that gets accepted will win 2000 KAI.

Backend Developer Challenge Specification

Imagine this scenario. We are in 2040, and on-site work is viewed with suspicion; everyone works from home, from the street, from the coffee shop, from another planet.  🏝

The frontiers of remote work have become planetary, and we can work from Earth to a company on Mars and from Mars to a company on Earth.

The challenge we have for you is to create a Job Search API that everyone can use, and when we say everyone, we speak about all humans and maybe some Martians looking for their next job. Is space where companies place job ads containing useful information for candidates such as:

  • Job title;

  • Short description;

  • Necessary skills (e.g., HTML, JavaScript, React, Node.js);

  • Company market (e.g., software house, healthcare, marketplaces);

  • Job type (e.g., full time, contract, internship);

  • Location;

  • Any other information you think is useful.

For the purpose of this challenge, you can assume all the jobs already are saved on a file or a database to save new jobs and job updates. With this in mind, your main goal is to develop:

  • Job REST/GraphQL API in Node.js with Express, Hapi or any other Web Framework that you lie.

  • CRUD Endpoint to Create, Update, Delete or List Job Offers

  • List Endpoint where you can search by a title, company name, skills, markets, type, location, or any other information that you think is useful.

  • A Subscribe/Unsubscribe endpoint where the user can register its email to receive new job submissions.

  • A Processing job that notifies all the subscribed emails about a new Job Entry.


All project resources (source code, designs, etc.) can be submitted as a TAIKAI Project. All submissions must be in English and must be the original work of the submitter user.

Project description with:

  • A description that includes a brief explanation of the solution;

  • Diagram explaining the application architecture and the application services.

  • Source code link (your project must be an open-source project);

  • The technology Stack used;


If you have any questions regarding the challenge, you can contact us through:

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