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Fast validate profiles with a recruitment assessment tool that rewards the best candidates with crypto tokens.

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European Commission

The first assessment tool that rewards top candidates

Community First

At TAIKAI we believe that talent should be rewarded for their hard work and commitment to delivering the top-quality projects that you expect in your recruiting process.

Hiring Challenge Process

Launch challenge

Candidates submit projects

Select the best and move them to interview phase

TAIKAI vs Traditional Process


You can validate top talent using our platform in just 48h.


Direct and complete access to all recruiting process info in a single platform for everyone.


Real-life environment to validate talent and creation of a team culture before the hire.


Transparent process for candidates leads to less frustration and to keep best talent in the loop.

Reward real talent

Our apply-to-earn system gives candidates an extra boost to put up their best effort during the recruiting process. Only the best talent and projects that advance in your hiring process will be rewarded with KAI tokens.

Reliable assessment

Make faster hiring decisions by identifying the best candidates. Put their hard and soft skills to the test by developing real projects and discover their strengths.

Fast implementation

You can use our hiring challenge templates or talk with our specialists to craft a solution for your recruitment process.

Connect to your favorite apps

TAIKAI's Platform connects your hackathon with your favorite software tools. Don’t waste time and energy managing things that could be automated. Sync your hackathon information and create workflows and automation for your event.


Simple Pricing

All plans include unlimited users, candidates and customer support perfect for fast growing companies.


Launch your hiring here with all of your recruitment essentials.


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  • 1 month free
  • Portfolio of candidates
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