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    We currently live in a challenge-driven world. When corporates face a challenge, they either try to solve it internally or hire a consulting firm to do it, which is costly in terms of resources and time. Usually, freelancers, universities or startups have what it takes to solve these challenges, but are not in sync with the corporate's needs: don’t know how to reach them or even what their challenge is. TAIKAI or 大会 (“coopetition” in Japanese) is the act of joining competing forces to cooperate to achieve a greater solution together.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to create a future where highly specialized individuals can look for challenge-based opportunities, from different industries. That's where TAIKAI comes in, our open innovation social network acts as the facilitator. We provide the space and the right environment for our innovators to work on challenges posted by companies, present solutions and get paid for it. On the other hand, they can also showcase their work by allowing them to expose to the community their very own innovations or challenges. Can you imagine a world where you could work with NASA one day and with Google the next?

    Meet our Team

    • Mário Alves

      Mário Alves

      CEO & Co-Founder

      Economist by trade, technologist by heart. Worked as a PwC consultant and an Investment Banker. Passionate about innovation and blockchain, in 2018 founded Blockchain Center Portugal.

    • Hélder Vasconcelos

      Hélder Vasconcelos

      CTO & Co-Founder

      12 years of experience as a Backend Developer and Tech Lead (Euronext, Axway, Airtel ATN & PT Inovação). “Asynchronous Android Programming” Book Author.

    • Henrique Macedo

      Henrique Macedo

      Design Lead

      Frontend Developer with a strong motivation to create user interfaces from the scratch to the final stage, with a focus on design systems, performance and accessibility.

    • Diogo Ferreira Pinto

      Diogo Ferreira Pinto

      Head of Business Development

      His motto lies in meeting people, build strong relations & partnerships, find answers to the most pressing challenges. Currently fascinated about the future of work.

    • Rubhan Sukin

      Rubhan Sukin

      International Business Development

      Enthusiastic International Business Development Strategist. Passionate about meeting new people and exploring different challenges. His dream is to fly to Mars someday.

    • Frontend Software Engineer

      Frontend Software Engineer

      We are looking for you

      We're hiring an experienced frontend developer to join the TAIKAI's team in the Porto office to help us to develop modular and delightful user interfaces for our products.


    • Bright Pixel

      Bright Pixel


      Bright Pixel is a company building studio. A group of experienced builders, creative thinkers and investors, whose goal is to transform two key things: the way companies address innovation and how new ventures are put together.

    • Microsoft for Startups

      Microsoft for Startups


      Microsoft for Startups is an innovative new program created to connect #startups with entrepreneurial and technology resources.

    • Telos Foundation

      Telos Foundation

      Blockchain Platform

      The Telos Foundation is an apolitical body with a mission of promoting the Telos Blockchain Network. The Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) elected by holders of Telos Foundation Voting Tokens as defined in the Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement, a core Telos governance document.

    • EOSIO


      Blockchain Platform

      EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS. The protocol emulates most of the attributes of a real computer including hardware with the computing resources distributed equally among EOS cryptocurrency holders.

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