How Taikai works for Organizations

Create organization

As a User you may register your Organization. Organizations can be Companies, Universities, Governmental Entities, NGOs or Events.

create organization

Create a challenge

Create your own challenge and setup description, rules and awards.

We will support you during the entire process!

create challenge

Receive projects

Let the Innovators do their work. You can choose between having a public or a private challenge, by selecting who may participate.

receive projects

Backing projects

Projects are backed through KAI tokens by the crowd or selected users, that may or may not be part of your organization. This is how the best projects are selected and you choose what fits you better.

backing projects

Winner is selected

The Project(s) that got the most KAI tokens by the jury, will earn the challenge prize and you’ll get the best solution(s) for the challenge you posted!

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