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They say that the pig is the second most intelligent animal to man, so the logical next step is to see what they can do in finance. Crypto Piggies is an NFT project that seeks to create a smaller quantity collection and provide seasons pass to the NFT projects releasing on Telos for 2022.   


When the slop gets thrown down there are only so many mouths to feed, coming in at 840 there aren’t many piggies up for grabs. It’s my belief that with a smaller cap collection it will automatically increase scarcity but also allow me to work on a more focused and intimate curation of the NFTs that are rolling out on telos for a private audience, but also have some fun games with some insane Telos hand outs. Crypto Piggies isn’t going to be your regular day at the barn.


The NFT space is abound with NFT collection after collection that promises the farm but delivers burnt bacon on the plate. Its my intended goal to have as many unique owners of Piggies as possible, while I believe artistically its very collectible, it will achieve its fullest potential when its most distributed. Holders of Crypto Piggies will at random and regularly receive NFT airdrops. These will be any of the wide swath of upcoming talent on the chain as well as some fun 1/1 from my own work bench.


The second function of Piggies is that it is in essence a giant raffle after it has minted out. I will be allocating 50% of the minted funds for weekly draws of TLOS as well as have it buy fun and interesting prizes to give away.   25% will be allocated to developing a Piggies merch store so we can flex on all the chickens out in the yard. The remaining 25% will go to the artist (mostly so I can upgrade my equipment and hire dev for season 2). I will use the royalties from the project to sweep the floor and give away piggies to holders to encourage holding and accumulation.


So, there it is! Crypto Piggies doesn’t promise the moon and its here for a good time not a long time. That said if Season One proves to be a success, I’d very much like to explore more generations for the Collection as well as reward those who came in early.