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💎 Idea

Skydor is a phygital* device installed in several areas of the city. It is a portal through which travelers can discover personalized tourist offers.

By developing an artificial intelligence (Satellite data + mobile data + terrestrial data), Skydor becomes an intelligent product & service serving local territories and allow travellers to reduce their ecological impact.

Before hackathon realisation: https://youtu.be/_4MtlF0ktzQ 

🛰️ EU space technologies

We discovered lots of possibilities from the datas available by EU space programs. Murmuration helped us understand, extract and analyse datas sets. We used Copernicus datas about air pollution (daily) to learn more about local effects of pollution and mobile data for flows of people. We mix datas from satellites, telecom operators and terrestrial iOT to learn, predict and smartly recommend tourists to go the preferred places for their day.

Technology used:

  • Copernicus data sets
  • A.I.
  • Augmented reality

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

SKYDOR is challenging on the category: Experiencing cities and culture

We are helping both Local Authorities improve air quality and tourists flows. We also help tourists find the best places to visit in order to reach environmental goals of CO2 reduction, and other pollutant.

💪 Team 

Robin Lelievre, i'm a drone pilot for 8 years, i've flown over more than a thousands sites in France and in the Caribbean since 2014. I'm an experienced entrepreneur with multi-skills.

I am Pauline, from the Paris region, I am currently based in Nimes and I am competent in sales and marketing strategy applied to tourism. I like to sing in my spare time :).

I'm Manon Lemaire, currently studying Data Engineering at EPF Montpellier. I am passionate about travelling and discovering new cultures. I am also concerned by the environmental aspects, which is why it is essential to find innovative solutions so that we can continue to travel in good conditions.