Try out the web app at!

Note that the web app only lets you know whether the tweet's contents are predicted to be propaganda, and that the chatbot feature has not yet been implemented (it will be added in a later version after the competition).

Our code is available at and the Colab we used to train our model is at

Provide a short and concise description of the social problem your project is addressing/solving:

Our app combats the rise of propaganda in social media and the way in which it discourages critical thinking. It allows the user to input text, such as a tweet, and determine the likelihood that the text is propaganda. Through a chatbot, we hope to encourage the user to develop their social and political opinions through careful, rational thought processes such as the Socratic inquiry method.

Provide a short and concise description of how you integrated AI into your project (Please make this description short. You will be able to explain further in the video):

Our project uses a Natural Language Processing model to evaluate the content of tweets (see the Github page above for more info).

Attach a video with a maximum length of 3 minutes that includes project demonstration, further explanation, etc. of your project.